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    After serving in the US ARMY with the 2/75th and “Rangers” as a food Service Professional, 82nd Airborne, and 1st SFG mostly at Ft. Lewis and Ft. Bragg when I was in the States.  After being retired from service I had to do something. So decided my next career would be radio, started in the 90’s and still at it

    – ( “my purpose on talk radio”), I am not on the radio to educate you, Montgomery has a school system in place for that, there are at least 7 colleges and universities represented in this city as well, if you learn something from my show good, I’m glad I could help. My show is about philosophical principles that make us who we are, There are a lot of smart people in this city, some ( not to many) are more intelligent than I. if the people of Montgomery have not changed in all this time ( talking specifically to black folk ) what can  I say on the radio to change the paradigm of your life. God had told people what to do, we build churches in our communities like they are going out of style, and still we have more depravity than any other community. So if God, the creator of the universe, who has told you the way, If you don’t pay him any attention, who the “hell” are some of you to hold me responsible for your condition? I am trying to survive in my condition, I will say this” if most of you actually listened to what I say you would be better off. 98% of you who do vote, vote for the same people all the time and wonder why you are in the same condition.. there is a formula for failure that is guaranteed and there is also a formula that puts you in the way of success, it is your choice of which road you take. if you want to continue this conversation I’ll be on the air at 0900- 1100 hrs on newsradio1440 in Montgomery, go to your app store and download our app: ( newsradio1440 am, Montgomery, Alabama) I have figured out after all theses years, I am a “Blue Collar” guy, I call bull, “bull”, if it smells like it, looks like it, tastes like it, then it must be it!!. I believe in certain philosophies of living and life, 1: never quit, 2: everyone makes mistakes forgive them , like God forgives (US) me. 3: the best way to handle a bully is to “fight back” 4: fight for those who can’t , not that won’t. 5:repect all people who are older than you, regardless of place or station in life, 6: God can do anything , but you must believe in him ( and he wants Us to do something’s for ourselves, with his counsel) 7: in order to live a full life, there must be something you are willing to die for 8: There is nothing more important than Freedom and Liberty…with out it nothings else matters..9: There is and Order to the universe, you can’t change it ,you can only disturb it!, it will right itself!, because it is” The Mind of God” and I don’t think he changes his mind that often, look around you’ll see that I am right!
    in order to change the view, sometimes you must change where you stand!.